About the Competition

Awards and Prizes

1. National selections 

All contestants at the national heats for the World Chocolate Masters, win a Barry Callebaut prize package in chocolate and working material. 

The winner of the national selection is titled national "Chocolate Master 2008-09". 
He/she will be able to communicate this to his/her customers trough the special certificate, which will certainly be of important commercial value!

Another important advantage which all contestants will benefit of, is the extensive media coverage, which may definitely give an important boost to their (international) carreer!
2. World Finals 

An interesting prize package will be divided among the finalists. 

More details will be communicated later. 

All finalists win a full travel package to the finals, including transport, hotel accomodation and restaurant costs. 

The rest of the prize package will consist of gifts and money.
The winner of the finals wins a valuable trophy and the largest part of the prize package.