About the Competition

The Flow of the Competition

“Haute couture”, a perfect pairing with chocolate

This year’s competition theme for both the national selections and the final is an unusual and subtle combination and of two types of creative talents bringing together, prestige and precision, resulting in a alchemist’s transformation of chocolate into surreal and mysterious clothing.
The relations are multiple: necessity of the creation and the innovation both in the shapes and in the products, looks for some excellence in all the process, unique pieces.
All is about collecting in a creation the delight and the beautiful.
Share the same requirement for the selection of the materials and the subjects , the same idea of the perfection in the realization and the same respect for the criteria of excellence.
Chocolate and “haute couture”: the same enquiry of purity and style for a unique result: enchantment.
The World Chocolate Masters competition takes place in 2 phases, to ultimately select the "World Chocolate Master 2009".

In the 1st phase, national selections are organised to appoint one finalist per country. The contestants are carefully evaluated by nationally renowned professionals, who judge all contestants on their technical capacities, creativity and the taste of their creations.
The laureate of a national selection wins the title of national “Chocolate Master 2008/09” . Twenty national winners receive a ticket to the world finals. 

The 2nd phase of the World Chocolate Masters is the world finals. Here, the finalists of all participating countries will compete for the title of "World Chocolate Master 2009" and their share of the prize package.