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NEW Theme for the 2010-2011 National Selections and the 2011 Final

'Cocoa, Quetzalcoatl's Gift'

This theme seeks to  transport participants and spectators to consider the origin of cocoa in the distant history of ancient Aztec Civilisation.
The Aztecs believed that it was the God Quetzalcoatl who created cocoa as a devine gift.
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Recipes from the finals

Try the most delicious chocolate creations yourself!

Check for yourself what wonderful creations the Chocolate Masters have developped.
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Japanese chef wins World Chocolate Masters 2009

2nd prize goes to USA, 3rd prize to Germany

After three-days of breathtaking competition between nineteen national Chocolate Masters, the results of the third World Chocolate Masters competition have been announced.

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A full report on the competition and the best recipes

What was the competition like day after day? Find out the full report.
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Exclusive interview with Mademoiselle Slassi

This year's finals features a unique task for the contestants : they have to build a small showpiece-decoration on top of a hand crafted hat. The hat was designed by Parisian milliner Mademoiselle Slassi.

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