World Finals

World Finals

Shigeo Hirai (Japan) is "World Chocolate Master 2009"

2nd prize goes to Lionel Clement (USA), 3rd prize to Michaela Karg (Germany)

After three-days of breathtaking competition between nineteen national Chocolate Masters, the results of the third World Chocolate Masters competition have been announced. The event took place at the "Salon du Chocolat Professionnel" exhibition at Porte de Versailles in Paris (France).

At this year's world finals, organised for the third time by Cacao Barry, Callebaut and Carma, Shigeo Hirai, Sous Chef of the Grand Hyatt Tokyo, was selected as the "World Chocolate Master 2009" by an international jury composed of twenty-two leading chocolate professionals. In second place was Lionel Clement from United States and in third place Michaela Karg from Germany.

With the theme of this year's competition being "Haute Couture", the jury carefully evaluated the contestants' work and creativity through chocolate. The jury was headed by President of Honour, Yves Thuriès, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, and included Presidents Jacques Bellanger, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, and Jean-Philippe Darcis, Belgium's First Chocolatier.

In addition to the overall winners, the jury gave special awards for "Best praline", "Best gastronomic chocolate dessert", "Best chocolate pastry" and "Best chocolate showpiece". As a highlight this year, additional awards have been granted for "Best chocolate decorated hat" and "International Press Award".

Overall Ranking Finalists "World Chocolate Masters 2009"
1. Shigeo Hirai (Japan) 11. Andreas Overgaard (Denmark)
2. Lionel Clement (U.S.A.) 12. Oscar Ortega (Mexico)
3. Michaela Karg (Germany) 13. Sylvain Marron (Sweden)
4. Christian Schaberreiter (Austria) 14. Daniel Staron (Poland)
5. Sébastien Trudelle (France) 15. Ernst Knam (Italy)
6. Fabian Sänger (Switzerland) 16. Jennifer Heijnen (The Netherlands)
7. Mark Tilling (U.K.) 17. Romain Leemann (Canada)
8. Ryan Stevenson (Belgium) 18. Alexander Kislitsyn (Russia)
9. Sergio Vela (Spain) 19. Wilawan Tanaditsapong (Thailand)
10. Lei Fu Veng (China)  

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