National Selections

France, Rules & guidelines

The contestants in the French Chocolate Masters competition will be completing a 1-day-program. They will make a showpiece to the theme of "Haute Couture", as well as 2 types of pralines, a chocolate pastry and a "Mystery" showpiece for which the requirements will be revealed during the competition. 

On each competition day, one team of contestants will be fulfilling their assignments. 

Time schedule

08h00 : Start of compétition
16h00 : End of the compétition

12h00 : Evaluation of showpieces
13h00 : Revelation of "Mystery Box"
13h30 : Tasting dipped pralines 
14h00 : Tasting moulded pralines
15h00 : Tasting pastry
16h00 : Evaluation Mystery Box showpiece

On 31st November at 17h30 the results of the competition will be announced on the central stage of the Salon du Chocolat.

R├Ęglement finale France WCM09_letterhead.pdf